Monday, September 24, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts: Quinquennial

• I don't know about anyone else, but I am about sick and tired of Windows updates. Every time I try to do one now, it fails.

  But if I don't keep trying, that is when the internet terrorists win.

  What do I do?

• Well I know one much as I detest Apple (really, I HATE Apple), Microsoft made it onto my bad list, and not just because of their update fails.

  Someone there decided to use the official company Twitter account to take a shot at Ann Coulter. Sure, I'm not exactly a Coulter fan, but it was obviously a left-leaning person that did it.

  Until Microsoft issues a full apology and publicly fires the person that tweeted that, I refuse to install anymore of their stupid Windows updates.

  Or until I can figure out how to install them and it actually works. Whichever comes first.

• The mainstream media just gets funnier and funnier. They're really trying to help Obama out, and it's not even discreet anymore.

  For instance, when he held a rally or something in some dinky arena in Wisconsin, they were like "500 million people showed up and wept tears of joys and ecstasy at Obama's speech."

  Or something like that.

• This is turning into a kind of "random thoughts" and tactical nuke rolled into one. It might be late, but I'll make it worth your time. Or something.

• Obama went on The View. Again.  Because they needed one more leftist to help beat up on that one conservative woman on there. I forget her name, but I don't watch silly shows like that anyway. All I know is, Obama was pretty much just finding excuses to avoid the U.N. and Bibi.

• Obama should go on some other shows though. He keeps doing stuff that pretty much only lefties like. How about he does Red Eye? That would be hilarious. Well, for us watching. Not so much for him.

• But Romney could do Red Eye. He could muss up his hair and be funny and stuff. Maybe wear a t-shirt even. That would do wonders for his image.

• No really...Romney kinda needs to do something. He's just so...bleh. Sure, that is no big deal compared to Mr. Exciting Obama who is trying to destroy America one job at a time. But unfortunately there are a lot of potential voters that choose candidates based on, well, popularity and stuff.

• I guess a Hillary Clinton aide told a reporter to **** off in an email. (Warning: link has cussin')

  I guess I don't understand why this is news. That is kind of how I figured a lot of those emails go between democrats and reporters asking actual questions.

• And last, but certainly not least, as this story might have legs, our favorite Squaw, Elizabeth Warren, apparently has been practicing law in the state of Massachusetts for over a decade. Illegally. As in, she has no license to do so in Massachusetts, nor ever did.


• Carry on.

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