Monday, September 24, 2012

Lactose's Intolerant Opinion: 9-24-2012

I’ve heard a lot of rumors that Obama is planning on releasing the Blind Sheik. I don’t see what the big deal is.  I wouldn’t mind releasing the Blind Sheik, provided I could select his seeing-eye dog. 
Preferably one with a taste for human flesh.
What is more offensive is that Obama claimed the four American deaths in Benghazi were just a bump in the road.  Not sure how Obama can even feel bumps in the road anymore after all the people he’s thrown under his bus. Maybe he’s actually driving his Volt.  Or maybe if we told Obama that the four in Benghazi had died from cancer Mitt gave them after laying them off, then we would see some outrage from this administration.
And apparently the media claimed that 18,000 people were attending an Obama rally when the auditorium only seated 5,000, and it wasn’t even full.  Not surprising.  Why would we expect Obama supporters to be better at math than Barak?  It’s really no different from the way they want to calculate budgets and count votes.
Til later.

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  1. Later, huh? :) Guess that math expertise is coming in handy. LOL