Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: September 11, 20-12

  • I've struck out twice on trying to find choco taco's.

  • If I ever say to you “no joke”, it's not that I'm being serious. It's that I can't think of a joke right now.

  • Politically speaking, right now if you're a Romney supporter you're angry Obama isn't talking about jobs.

          If you're a Obama supporter you're angry Romney isn't talking about Afghanistan.
  • Apparently Obama has played more rounds of golf than he's attended in Cabinet meetings. I guess that's probably why the economy is on the mend at all

         Just think about how bad things would be if he took this presidency thing serious.
  • My stress level is nearly critical right now. Any of our Michigan readers want to give me a quick back rub? I promise to cuddle after.

  • Some days you will never forget. I hope people never forget what this date represents, and how the country felt after.

  • Good night.

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