Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: September27, 20-12

  • I feel pretty ill today.

         I would much rather have a license to ill, or even the ill communications. We did see how well that worked out for ma bell. Unfortunately its just regular ill.

        Please tell me someone got those references?
  • So now that the Romney tax returns are out where are the apology’s?

         I don't have cable anymore, how many segments has Rachel Maddow dedicated to the fact that Romney paid more in taxes, and charity combined than Obama and Biden did?

        If its less than 6 I'm going to be disappointed.

       If its more than 1 i'm going to be surprised.
  • So now that This video is out there, I wonder how many liberal organizations are gonna just sweep this under the rug.

         The important part isn't that she's on government assistance and voting for Obama based only on what she perceives as promised free stuff.

         Its the idea that there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people voting that way. She shouldn't be singled out, she needs to be used as a warning.

        This individual woman may have legit issues for her to need the free phone, and other government assistance, but the idea of voting for a person just because you're going to “get stuff” is wrong.

      Anyway this is just one more point for the MSM to not vet, and or report on.
  • Since I don't have cable anymore I need to hope and pray certain news coverage gets live streamed over the internet.

         The debates are covered by youtube... but the night of the presidential election I may need to come over to someone's house... or find a really political bar.

        So if you live in Michigan, aren’t crazy, and like politics and beer let me know and I will come over.

        Preferences will be given to single women, women in terrible relationships, women in open relationships, women without custody of their children that week, women without children, and just about any woman who can stand being around me for more than 7 minutes.

Good Night.

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