Thursday, October 11, 2012

Could White People Stop WIth The Racism?

As I sit in my living room listening to the tigers beat up on the Oakland Athletics (hopefully I won't need to edit this) (Edit, Valverde blew the game at the end)  my attention also turns to THIS article. According to the author, the reverend Bullock makes the case against a recent poll done about the city of Detroit, and the prospect of a new, white, mayor.

He makes a big deal about the idea of a white mayor, and or a white city council and police chief. The amazing thing is nothing in that poll ever asked anything about race, at least as far as I could find.

It did ask about confidence in mayor Bing, the city council, and how they felt about crime and the possibility of contracting the city’s footprint. Yet race was brought into the reverends article?

Its obvious that this is nothing more than a race bating maneuver. It goes even deeper than the article in question. In a radio interview yesterday the good reverend went so far as to characterize negative comments such as “incompetent, nice guy but unable to get the job done” and, “ can't make the tough decisions”. If you don't believe me go ahead and listen to the segment HERE.

It's really gotten to the point in political discourse where anything you say against a black leader is now considered racist. Here is a quick recap of some other racist political code words.

  • Golf
  • Chicago
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Food stamp president
  • welfare
  • no good black guy who I hate just cuz he's black

You know, they have a point with that last one.  I'm gonna let them call that racist.

In the radio segment the reverend also says that Obama was called a liar and that's racist. I guess he doesn't remember all the “Bush lied and, no war for oil” protests that went around.

He also brings up the fact that a man shot at the white house. Obviously that was racism right? Not so fast. Turns out the guy is Mexican and thought he was Jesus. Race had nothing to do with it. He still brought it up though.

Finally (well not finally because I'm jumping around here) he talks about the legacy of insulting the decision making ability of blacks because of slavery and Jim crow and... Thursday. Once again I'm gonna talk about Bush (two can play at that game Obama) I'm gonna talk about how a punk band (nofx) wrote a song called “idiot son of an A-hole”. (only they said the full thing, not what I abbreviated)

So as you can clearly see, white people are racist and black people are sub humans who need to be coddled at every turn because obviously Detroit’s problems are not the fault of the current administration, or the previous, or the previous, or the previous, or the previous, or the previous.

That was a really long sentence.


  1. Isn't it interesting how often race issues are addressed by men of the cloth? I thought the bible taught loving one another - even our enemies. White men are truly the only group that cannot be viewed as a minority in some way (ok, let's limit that to straight white men) so this type of do-gooders will never fight for their rights. I can't believe I'm saying this, but isn't that racist?

  2. Hate lives. And, unfortunately, it's about the only "Universal Constant" in the Human Experience. The day will come when neither "white" people, nor "black" ones, nor colored ones, nor Hispanics, nor Asians, nor Middle-Easterners, etc., etc, etc. ever pull the Race Card in dealing with or describing the politics of each other.

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid that day may only come when all of these groups are once and finally EXTINCT.