Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Crime is Worse Than the Cover Up

It is now the one month anniversary of the murder of American officials in Benghazi.  We can see the results from a specific situation of the feckless foreign policy of this administration.  Let us sum up the incompetence, failures and lies that characterize the Obama Middle Eastern policy.  If I’ve missed something, please add it to the comments. 
·         The Obama administration sides with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in opposition to the Mubarak government, which, though imperfect, has been an ally to us in the area.  They applaud the replacement of Mubarak with the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.  Reminiscent of how Carter dealt with the Shah and Iran.
·         Terrorists backed by the Muslim Brotherhood use the Sinai Peninsula to attack Israel, and they begin to move into Libya which is now 100% Qaddafi-free.
·         Benghazi becomes unstable and dangerous as the terrorists move in, as evidenced by an attack on the US consulate and repeated attempts to assassinate the British ambassador.  What is the State Department’s reaction to this decrease in stability and increase in violence and terror?  It is to decrease security!  When security officials point this out and insist that they need more, not less, security and resources, what is the State Department’s reaction to this?  To deny these requests and tell them to rely upon a local citizen militia for their security, an unpaid militia that receives only a meager food stipend for their efforts, and they weren’t even being given the food reliably.
·         On September 11, a band of about 400 well armed terrorist conduct an organized, concerted attack on the consulate, an attack so blatantly one of preplanned terror on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack, that even the Libyan government conceded almost instantly that it was a terror attack.  During the attack, security on the ground is so meager the US completely loses track of their ambassador, and it is discovered later he was taken to a hospital by a group of locals. How does the Obama administration react to this?  Concoct a story about a protest (that evidence now indicates was fictitious) about an anti-Muslim youtube video that just got out of hand.
·         What action does the Obama administration take to remedy the situation in Benghazi?  Arrest the amateur film maker for a probation violation.  Problem solved.  The culpable culprit is in chains. No other actions are apparently required. Nothing to see here.
Not only did this administration ignore a dangerous situation resulting in the death of Americans, the weak, directionless, unprincipled foreign policy of this administration helped create and then exacerbate the dangerous situation in the first place.  Crafting your policies around the principles espoused on Sesame Street may be moderately harmless with children in a kindergarten classroom, but it is no way for adults to craft their foreign policy.  Let's get the children out of the White House.
I’m sorry.  I can think of nothing funny to say about this.  This is one of the singular moments in politics where the crime is far worse than the cover up.  The media should be spending less time inventing excuses for Obama's poor debate performance and more time investigating his deadly poor job performance.

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