Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In The News: Pop Star Edition

Recently at a concert in southern Canada, known by many as Ohio.  Pop star and one time sex symbol Madonna threatened to take her clothes off if people didn't throw money at her for hurricane sandy relief.

Within a span of 15 minutes the aging pop star collected an estimated 1.5 million from the crowed of 30,000 people in Cleveland Cana... Ohio. reached out to one audience goer to see how much he gave, and why.  He said, "I don't even like Madonna, she hasn't been good in years.  The only reason I wen't is cuz I just started dating this hot older woman and she was a big fan.  When she said she was gonna take her clothes off unless people started donating to hurricane sandy relief I ran to the ATM and bled my account dry.  No one wants to see that, not at her age".

True dat, guy I may or may not have just made up so I can twist this story in the direction I want.  for more information hit the source link below.



  1. If Ohio is "southern Canada", what does that make Michigan?

    1. Yes, what would that make Michigan, if it is north of "southern Canada"?

      Focus WD. Focus...

  2. You guys are awesome. Hot older woman? Still laughing.