Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

• Can anyone explain what is going on with this Petraeus scandal thing? Every time I think I'm getting a handle on what happened, another plot twist is added.

  Seriously, this is turning out like a movie or something. First, he has an affair with his biographer, then there is another woman involved who is also a friend of the family. She threatens the other woman with fake email accounts. The first woman goes to the FBI about it, who start an investigation. But the FBI agent investigating does something wrong or something. And now the top commander in Afghanistan is somehow involved with one of these women. Added to this, pundits such as Krauthammer are pointing to a connection with Benghazi.

  I think the media should just stop reporting about it and we can find out what happened when the movie is made in a couple years. They could even make it a James Bond flick...

Benghazi is Not Enough?
Scandal Royale?
Quantum of a Mess?
CIA Fall ?

• Some Texans are petitioning the White House to consider allowing Texas to secede. They got the 25,000 requisite signatures already.

  Even though such a thing would obviously go nowhere, there really should be a path to allow states to secede. But I don't want Texas to do so. I'm thinking maybe letting California go. That right there would solve a ton of problems. I mean, why does the lousiest state in the union get the most electoral votes?

  Think about that for a moment. The state with the worst debt crises, the most crime, and the highest taxes and cost of living gets the most votes in national elections.

• Carry on.

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  1. you could do other movies also

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Love triangle.
    Little miss crazy woman
    Show down In little pentagon
    the shawshank sex scandal

    I could go on.