Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

• So the President is sending Hillary to Israel to try and mediate talks or something. That'll work out great, I'm sure.

  Hey, that situation almost sounds like the beginning of a joke: An Arab, a Jew, and an angry feminist walk into a bar...

• Hamas is "daring" Israel to invade. That is like a mouse daring a cat to eat it.

  "Ok", says the cat.

• So, Christmas is coming and the militant atheists are at it again. Lots of various stories already about atheists trying to keep churches from putting up nativity scenes, trying to ban any celebration of Christmas in schools, and that sort of thing.

  And they keep touting that "serparation of church and state" line that doesn't actually exist in the Constitution. What the Constitution does say is that the state cannot establish a church, which is something completely different.

  My question for atheists is: if you firmly believe there is no God, then why do you let religion bother you so much? I mean, some of you guys act every bit the religious zealot.

• Hey everybody, Paul McCartney says to not eat turkey!

  Ok, first the guy is British...so, shut up bro, this isn't your holiday. Second, he is a celebrity, which means he is a moron. And third, he's a vegetarian, so he can't be trusted at all.

• So some guy is saying we should rein it in on gift-giving at Christmas. My first reaction is "no way! I likes me presents!". But then I read the thing, and he made some pretty good points and stuff.

• Carry on


  1. I love christmas, but hate shopping for people. they never appreciate what I get them, and they usually get me stuff I don't want.

    with Paul McCartney you forgot #4. The Beatles suck and were a crappy band.

    1. They had a couple catchy tunes, but I never did understand what all the hoopla was about. I get that they may have been really different and just caught on, like Elvis did.

      But Elvis was actually good...

    2. I like the Beatles. They're fun to dance to... Especially their old stuff. Elvis is fun too. I'm open to all kinds of different things.

      Btw, walkingdead, I will send you yummy homemade food for Christmas and I guarantee you will like it. So THERE.