Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why We Will Always Be Racist

You know I was thinking about all the dog whistle racism that always gets thrown on us.  it was thrown on me several times as well.  The crazy thing is it's pretty impossible to not be accidentally "racist".  I'll give you a few examples.

Black-not ok but accepted
African American- accepted but not ok by some
negro- antiquated and considered racist
*#((!@- Buried by the NAACP  never to be used again by anyone.  Thank God for that.

you would think that would be it, but its not.

according to Chris Mathews, Shuck and Jive is dog whistle racesim.  he should know he's used it himself.

I've been told Urban is a dog whistle term,  the funny thing is I was taught the term by a black teacher years ago.

you would think that was it, but things get weirder.

When you look at the Mexican population some examples are

Mexican-fine if they are straight from mexico
Mexican American-fine if they are mexicans who have been born here.
anchor babies- not acceptable

this is like urban.  I was told this is very awful for those not of spanish descent.  I've heard some different things but I have a few friends who claim no spanish descent in their heritage.  They look at the term Hispanic as a slap in the face.  There is nothing else that they can use to describe themselves.

So you see, the language is constantly changing, and the divisions are forming.  We can look at everything as racist, or truly move ahead as a society.

I choose the second one.  everyone else can suck it.

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  1. Just call people American regardless of ethnicity and leave it at that.

    Unless they aren't an American. Then call them a dirty foreigner.