Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: November 13, 20-12

  • So the Nexus 4 came out today and sold out in less than 30 minutes.
         To the non technophiles that will mean nothing, but it proves something to me.

        America rules.

        This isn't to sound jingoistic or anything.

        Think of it like this,  When is the last time we stood in line for toilet paper, or bread?

       And I don't mean 10 minutes for it to be your turn.  I mean because this is the only place you can get it and without this bread you're going hungry?

       See  what I mean?

       For those of us old enough to remember all the bread lines that Communist Russia used to have, it show's we've come a long way.

       Now I know we had soup lines during the depression, and Russia hasn't had them in years.

       It's more to the point that we have grown to a point where we take for grantid basic services and expect more from our technology companies.

      Are we perfect?  no, far from it.

      Can it get worse?  yes, easily.

      I just wanted to say that.
  • My buddy used to be in THIS band, if you like new wave style rock music you should check them out.  
        Honestly you take out that organ and they are just a good pop rock band, you add the organ and it's new wave.

       Funny how that works.

       I got to open for them once by doing stand up.

      It wen't about as well as bringing a shot gun into a bank.

      no, I'm exaggerating, they would have been kinder to me at the bank.

  • I really don't like cats.

         The hardest decision they ever make is where to lay down next.
  • Good night.

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