Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Population, Demographics, and the Electoral College

Commie red star, and commie bear...

So, as often happens when democrats win, I have to ask myself how that can be. Are the rest of my countrymen so stupid? I mean, there really isn't any secret to being conservative or libertarian...you just like and want liberty and freedom. Seems like something everyone wants, right? Well, problem is, there are an awful lot of people who aren't quite as interested in your liberty as in theirs. And of course there is the whole free stuff thing.
So I took a nice long look at the electoral map this time around to try and come up with some answers. I even looked at county maps. And of course, the same demographics popped up. Rural areas are all right-leaning voting Republican, suburbs are right of center to left of center voting a mix of R and D, and almost every single city in America is completely communist. 

One of the exceptions? California. Where, like, the whole state is basically communist. Which explains their flag. Freedom-loving Americans consider the Eagle to be a symbol of our freedom, while commies like bears. And red. And red stars. So California is totally commie, which explains their broke economy, horribly indebted government, high taxes, relentless and numerous regulations, and high cost of living. Basically, it is the worst state in the union in all areas that matter. Nice weather though.

And they also have the most electoral votes. Why? Because they have the biggest population of any state. And it is a highly urbanized state along the coast, with the vast majority of people living in cities or dense suburbs. And with dense populations comes progressive ideology. Except such ideology doesn't work, as California clearly shows. But they still vote the same morons in every election, get deeper in debt, and drive business running and screaming to Arizona and Texas.

Which really points out the problem with the electoral college. You see, I've long had a basic distrust of the electoral college, but at the same time I cannot get behind the popular vote. The biggest reason why the popular vote should not apply to the US is because we are United States...sovereign states. Each state as an entity chooses who they want for president. That is the basis for the electoral college. The other reason is that the popular vote changes little...it almost always follows the electoral vote. When it doesn't, that is just because the electoral votes haven't been properly calibrated to reflect the current population distribution.

So the problem isn't that there is an electoral college...the problem is in the method of distributing electoral votes. As it stands, the biggest failures of states are heavily favored by the electoral college because of dense populations. And as I said before, dense populations tend to be all commie. 

So what I propose is delegating electoral votes based on the success of the state per capita, not the population. Think about it...the worth of a state's vote should be based on its ability to vote properly. If a state continues to fail constantly, falling deep into debt and unable to solve its own problems, that means its voters have not proven to have a handle on this voting thing. Whereas states that continue to find success in their governments show that they have a good crop of voters.

I would rank all states using the above metric, and give the best state 50 electoral votes, and the worst 1 electoral vote. Texas would probably get 50, while California would get 1. Ohio would get about 25 I think. And this would change every 4 years, so the states that are important could fluctuate based on their success. This way, the biggest states would not necessarily have a controlling interest in elections anymore, while the smallest states would still have to account for themselves on a per capita basis. All states would have the ability to improve.

It would also put all ideologies and voter leanings to the test. The states with the smartest voters get the most votes, while states with the most idiotic voters get almost no say at all on the national level. We might even want to look at skewing Representatives to Congress in the same way. Basically, this protects the nation from big state mob rule...something the framers of our Constitution were trying to prevent in the first place.

The alternative is just kicking California out of the union. On second thought, that seems simpler.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!

    Sorry I missed this the first time through!

  2. Despite their debt and large population, California would probably end up near the middle of the pack given their enormous GDP. That's also why they're usually classified as a net provider of federal dollars.

    CA's policies are going in the wrong direction, but they've got a lot of momentum behind them... a lot like the US.