Monday, November 5, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: November 5, 20-12

  • So my Lauterbach went missing from work today.

  • If you don't know what one is don't feel bad.  I use mine all the time and still don't know what its good for.

  • The short answer is it's a debugger.  It also looks like THIS.

  • The long answer is mine costs $10,000 to replace.

  • We have no idea where it went.

  • So is it unethical that I rate all my posts a 5?

  • Follow up question; do I care?

  • Follow, follow up question; No.  Wait that wasn't a question.  How about; No?

  • I just sent a txt to my mom that said "I'm doing some cleaning". the autocorrect turned it into " I'm doing woman cleaning".

  • that's awesome.

  • just once I want some guy to hit on a girl and me to be able to say "hey, the lady's with me"... and she actually is.

  • Tomorrow is the big day.

  • I know this may seem like a cop out prediction, but this thing is going to be really close for Obama, or a blow out for Romney.  I don't think anyone is getting a decisive but in bounds win.

  • I would love to see Romney win by over 300 electoral votes, and watch the mainstream media try and plug in racism everywhere.

  • Lordy that would be great.

  • I plan on (but probably will forget too) making several small posts during the night tomorrow.  be prepared, and check back often.

  • If we're lucky we can get Keln and Lactose to do the same with interesting things they've heard as the night goes on.

  • AND REMEMBER!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!

  • Good Night.