Monday, November 5, 2012

Nuke the Punchline: U.N. at Your Polling Place

Harvey over at IMAO has another straight line of the day up, and so it is time to pick the winners of the last one:

If you see a U.N. observer at your polling place...

#5 plentyobailouts: ...Punch him in his foreign monkey face.

#4 Iowa Jim: two warning shots...into his legs.

#3 D***Cat: ...stand uncomfortably close and tell him you’re the official UN Observer Observer.

#2 Eric Praline: ...distract him by pointing and shouting “look, an Israeli building a house!” then he’ll rush to the nearest camera to condemn the zionists.

And the best punchline goes to CTCompromise:

If you see a U.N. observer at your polling place ask them :”If we start a genocide, will that make you go away?”

Congratulations CTCompromise!


The best punchline for the last Nuking Politics straight line was Bob in Feenicks:

When asked about hurricane Sandy, Biden said he was looking forward to her moderating his next debate with Paul Ryan.

Congratulations Bob!


Now here's a line for you guys to mess with:

When going to cast his vote, Biden...


  1. ... brought along plenty of Plaster of Paris.

  2. ... got really frustrated when he couldn't get his pretty red crayon to write on the machine screen
    ... made sure he was the only one in the room - he didn't want anyone else copying his work!

  3. . . . said "I've never been proud to vote for Obama!"

    . . . thought it was a changing room. There were murmurs when people saw his pants drop to the floor.

    . . . high fived the volunteer saying "How's it hanging, Chad?"

  4. had some cake, and then watched Spongebob.

  5. Was told he had to turn his "Vote for Me!" t-shirt inside out.

  6. ...accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan. -Those darned butterfly ballots are so confusing!

  7. Had trouble putting the ballot in the box, until someone reminded him to think of his secretary.

    (Or alternately)
    Had trouble putting it into the box, until someone reminded him what he does to the American people at every opportunity.

  8. ...had to call a cab after the Secret Service pushed him out of the car just outside of Des Moines.