Monday, December 24, 2012

Punchline Nuker of the Week: December 22, 2012

Well, it has been a week since the last Punchline Nuker of the Week award was given out, and it is time to pick another award winner.

As I said last week, with Rodney Dill in the lead with 5 and Bob in Feenicks trailing him by one and two weeks to go until a we have our first Punchline Nuker of the Year, it's Rodney's game to lose.

And while he did make a great effort, Bob in Feenicks out-did everyone and took the spot this week, even with a big showing from Dohtimes.

Congratulations Bob! Here's your Major Award:

Now it's officially a contest between just Rodney and Bob. Whoever wins this week will take the title of Punchline Nuker of the Year. Or...if neither wins, I'll have to make a tie-breaker decision based on what I think is the over all best punchline one of these guys made. Which will be a lot of work, so I hope one of you wins outright.

May the best man taste the sweet flavor of victory.

Winners are selected based on a simple point system:
1 point if you made a winners list.
2 points if you got a "best punchline"
1 point if you came up with the best punchline to one of my straight lines.

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