Friday, December 21, 2012


I was just minding my own business, rebuking the leftists who were waxing insane over the NRA's presser today, and got myself suspended on Twitter, albeit I'm not entirely certain how. Isn't the point of that service to converse and communicate and mock the lunatic liberals relentlessly?  I'm pretty certain that was how it was explained to me. Anyways, they made me agree to not do a couple of things, so much, anymore, and then I had to answer a Captcha, and suddenly the doors were unlocked and the lights turned back on.

I think I'm going to have landlord issues in the future here, because I don't know how many replies are "too many", especially since I think the most I sent to any one person (on the same subject) was two or three within a day. If their issue was that I replied to too many people in too short a timeframe, then I seriously do not get their business model.

Oh well. Casually saunter onward...


  1. You know what would work better than "casually saunter onward"?

    Try "mosey on forth".

    Has a nice ring to it.

  2. Although I'm a native Texan, I've never been that good at moseying. I might have to attempt it again - it's been years...