Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, 12 12 12

• Today is 12 12 12 day. I am pretty sure that is something significant in the Mayan calendar.

• So, there are all these crazy people who think the world is going to end in a week or so, because Mayan Calendar.

  Something tells me that if an ancient Mayan who was like, a calendar writer or something, saw their old calendar and noticed that it ended soon, they would probably be like "Hmm, time for a new calendar".

  Because that is what normal people do when the calendar runs out. You get a new one. For the next year...

•  North Korea apparently fired their latest long-range rocket successfully.

  No confirmation yet on whether it was fired Gangnam style.

• A large asteroid is set to fly by Earth in the next few days. Maybe that was what the Mayans were all upset about. Except their astronomy was primitive, so they were off by 4 million miles.

  Stupid primitive scientists.

• Steven Crowder went to Michigan to ask union protesters why they were against Right to Work. And so they attacked him and stuff.

  The real news here is that Fox is suddenly calling him a "Fox News Contributor" mere hours after they called him "some guy who makes YouTube videos".

  Way to go Crowder!

• Carry on smartly.


  1. #1 Crowder lives in Michigan.

    #2 He's been a FNC contributor for about a year now.

    Maybe my new roll should be Nuking Politics Ombudsman.

    1. I know FNC has had him on here and there for a while, but they literally called him "a guy that makes YouTube videos" the other day when they were talking about his latest video where he asks people about the fiscal cliff. Now he's "Fox News ace reporter" or something because he got punched by a hippie.

  2. No confirmation yet on whether it was fired Gangnam style.

    Would that make it a Psy op?