Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nuking Politics on Holiday

Just a reminder to our dear readers, assuming there is more than one of you out there; Nuking Politics isn't dying or going the way of the buffalo that the Warren tribe used to hunt. It's the Holidays, which means Walkingdead is pretending to be sick or busy or something, when actually he is just sitting around with no pants on drinking beer, Lactose is being interrogated by the NSA due to his many posts about what goes on behind the scenes in the White House, Hunter doesn't write "posts", but masterpieces that take months to create, and I am busy with looking on the internets for presents I want my wife to buy me for Christmas, which is hard work. There are so many presents.

In a word, we're all busy here, so that is why there hasn't been a lot of posting lately. I can almost promise that next week there will be plenty to read on this here site. From me anyway...the others, who knows. I don't know where the NSA is keeping Lactose, or for how long. And Walkingdead...well, he likes his beer.

So keep checking in. Because it provides me advertising money. And I likes me money.

Carry on.


  1. Nope. It's just me. Good to know.

    NP has been a little boring lately, to be honest, and I'm thinking Keln may have developed some alphabet issues from having too much interaction with walkingdead. With Lactose AWOL, I was getting seriously worried.

    Tell walkingdead to put some pants on already and come back and make me laugh. Life with O is depressing enough. I'm depending on you, NP.

    Maybe here to be entertained.

  2. That last line makes no sense and showed up of it's own accord. I blame walkingdead and Lactose. Mostly because they're not around to defend themselves.