Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just a few questions.

While I was on lunch break at work last night, I heard an interesting statistic. They said Chicago was averaging about three murders for every two days, or a murder and a half a day. Of these nearly sixty murders, almost 90 percent, they said, were committed with guns.

Now here are my questions:

  • Doesn't Chicago have about the toughest gun laws in the country?
  • Is there a way they could better enforce those laws?
  • Isn't there a law om the books criminalizing murder?
  • If the criminals won't follow the murder law, what makes people think they will follow the gun law?
  • Could we perhaps find ways to better enforce the law against murder?
  • How many innocent lives could have been saved if Chicago law gave victims the opportunity to shoot back?


  1. I think they should outlaw outlaws. That would help.

  2. If they outlaw outlaws, only outlaws will be outlaws.

    Got that?

    Oy, my head hurts!

  3. 2 things

    #1 they don't have peirs morgan on the case
    #2 they never asked nice. asking nice is how they got JJ abrams to do star wars.

    1. They can have my guns, or rather, Ndnd's guns, when thy pry them from my cold dead fingers. But they'd better be careful not to burn themselves on the barrel: It's going to be hot.

  4. These observations are nothing new. This Chicago and New York City bad crime rates vs their strict gun laws have been brought up a hundred times in the past few weeks. So, not an original angle Arik.

    However, what is original is how well you laid it out with simple questions. Kinda like the questions journalists ought to be asking when talking to gun control activists.

    Maybe you should be a journalist.

    1. I believe it was Robin Williams who said that the vast majority of comedy is regurgitating what you've heard, at the right time.

      These questions are pretty much a synthesis of things I've heard, regurgitated in one spot at, I hope, the right time.

      Me, a journalist? I'd rather scrub toilets in the dysentery ward. There's more honor in that, and it's an honest day's work.

  5. You're using common sense and logic, Arik- the main stream media would never do that! :) Actually, I do think you would be a great commentator on Fox- you could give Greg Gutfeld a run for his money! ;) Love ya!

    1. Ndnd, it's one thing to write your opinions down, another to share them aloud. I am much less articulate in person. I think you know that. ;)

      Plus, I'm too tall to be Gutfeld.