Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Modest Response

This Facebook post deserved one.

Response below the fold.

No  one is saying you can't own a computer, nor is anyone saying all electronic communication should be banned.

We should require registration of all telephones and computers and be able to trace all file transfers and phone calls.

We should require a license to own a phone or computer, and that owners pass a test on minimum standards for responsible ownership.

We should require insurance on computers and mobile phones, and that they be secure, so that if stolen, one's insurance would be responsible.

We should ban the use of large social media sites unless one belongs to a well-regulated agency, such as the military or police.

After all, we're just talking about one small amendment to an antiquated constitution. Its writers could have never envisioned the capacity of today's technology or its dangerous potential (e.g., organizing flash mob robberies and massive violent protests), and certainly wouldn't approve of such powerful communication tools in the hands of individual citizens.


  1. Isn't it amazing that the lefties who think the government is an evil, frightening institution that wants to destroy everything and everybody (at least when the Republicans control it), feel all fuzzy and good about how it can deliver us from evil, at least when the democRats control it?

    Bunch of morons. At this point, they don't realize that nearly the only thing standing between them and the ovens is the Second Amendment.

  2. A "Friend" on FB, who happens to be gay, extremely liberal and anit-gun, recently posted "Asking you to give me equal rights implies they are yours to give. Instead, I must demand that you stop trying to deny me the rights that all people deserve." When I responded "Glad to see you now support the 2nd Amendment", there was rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth. She knew she had been caught but could not admit it. Especially when I pointed out the fact that, while my personal belief is that gay marriage is wrong (which she knows), I will not stand in front of them to achieve equality in the eyes of the govt. (which she knows), all I could get out of her was "guns are bad".

    I had the last thought on the matter as she has refused to engage me in further "debate", "How can you expect me to respect your rights when you refuse to respect mine..."

  3. Why can't we just impose a Universal Gov't Registration program with official gov't issue picture/fingerprint ID cards, then make it apply to:
    1. gun ownership
    2. voting
    3. collecting welfare and other gov't benefits
    4. real estate purchases