Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feel Safe Yet?

I heard that democRat Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill got a little felt up during a TSA airport pat down the other day. She was a mite peeved.

Personally,  I'm a little conflicted on this: I'm not sure whether to be happy that one of those who believe themselves above the common man finally got a taste of what the common man goes  through, or to be happy that the TSA has obviously decided, finally, to give a little extra screening to actually enemies of the people.


  1. The last few times I have flown I have been...patted down....a lot. It can be unnerving. The first time I thought it was because of my necklace which some say looked kinda I ditched it for the next flight. Apparently the rivets on the back pockets of my jeans were also very suspect. Geeez.

    1. I haven't flown since the late '90s. Mostly there's nowhere I want to go that isn't almost as quick or at least more fun to drive.

  2. Two years ago last January, I flew to Atlanta dressed and laden just so:
    * Winter clothes
    * Fully-packed backpack
    * Two large carry-on bags
    * Diaper bag
    * 10-month-old baby girl strapped to chest
    * She was wearing winter clothes too

    When fully equipped, my load was quite heavy but it had the benefit of being balanced. I just point this out to say that the TSA is a PITA, and the repeat performance on the return leg (which included the Christmas gifts we received) was no easier.

    But at least neither of us were molested - you can tell because I'm not dead - so I guess it could have been worse.