Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Left, Lies, Abortion

What's going on in the country these days is not a new phenomenon.  It's happened over and over in history, and sadly, it often results in the extinction of an entire culture.  We're watching the culmination of yet another iteration of this by leftists that began many decades ago.  What they want is power, unchecked power unfettered by things like the constitution or the moral precepts that guided the formation of this country.  To achieve that end, everything they say and do is designed to confound those principles.  The moral absolutes that guide us are confused by the notions of moral relativism, and everything they offer to that end is one monstrous lie, from one end to the other.

One of their favorite tactics is to take a perfectly legitimate social construct, and over time, elaborate it until they have succeeded in turning it into an unrecognizable frankenstein version of itself, one that makes a mockery of the original concept.  A perfect example of this is a precept that is unassailable, specifically that women are entitled to justice, respect, and a level of decent treatment in the same measure as anybody else, and any decent interpretation of the concept of freedom would naturally acknowledge that fact.  That simple, perfectly clear concept has somehow become synonymous with the notion that we as a culture are obliged to embrace the murder of unborn children, and lately, that the observance of that initial concept requires the contemplation of the murder of babies who have somehow survived an abortion. Thus, in the hands of the left, a perfectly clear premise that compels respect, devolves, by design, into a rotting cancerous caricature of itself.
Check out Frank J's post "The Depths of the Left's Sociopathy" at (April 10, 2013) for a brilliant take on the subject.

No one can predict the ultimate result of the current struggle for this nation's future, but whatever the outcome, the left will eventually sink back into the darkness where it belongs.  The reason I believe that is because we are sentient beings, and we can grasp the truth that moral absolutes require us to understand the connection between rights and our responsibility to live up to them.  We are not sheep, and attempts to manage us like sheep must always be doomed to fail.  Lies and manipulation such as we see from the left will, in the end, fail to extinguish our understanding of these things, no matter how slick their attempts to confuse us.       

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  1. Thanks, Springeraz, your second paragraph made more sense than anything I've read all week.