Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reasons I'm Glad Margaret Thatcher is Dead

With the death of Margaret Thatcher recently, I was looking for bright spots, reasons to be glad rather than sad that she's gone. I have a few.

  • The custodians of the New Tone get a chance to show us exactly how it's done.
  • It's funny to watch Barry-O try to memorialize someone you just KNOW he detests.
  • Martin Bashir finally has one of his own nation's politicians to demonize, instead of just borrowing ours.
  • Now that she's gone, it will be amusing to watch all the people on the left try to explain how THEY are the obvious heirs to her legacy, like they have tried to do with Reagan. And Odumbo with Lincoln.
  • We get to see how the Commander-in-Least reacts when Argentina tries to invade the Maldives.
  • With the Iron Lady out of the way, Britain can now look forward to Prime Ministers made of sturdier stuff. Like jellyfish goo.
  • Now those wacky Brits have something to riot over other than stupid soccer. Er, excuse me, "football."
  • The fact that the trending Twitter hashtag #nowthatchersdead totally freaked out so many Cher fans.
  • Now that she's gone, she won't have to watch over the disintegration of the prosperity she helped foster, as the world slowly devolves into chaos and squalor due to being ruled by a so-called "intellectual elite" who are, in reality, little more than morons and halfwits not even bright enough to understand how deficient they truly are. 

Rest in Peace, Baroness Thatcher.

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  1. There's been a revival of the song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" in Britain, since the time of the Iron Lady's passing. Probably because her detractors are Munchkins by comparison.