Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little Perspective for Jay Carney

The murder of four people including an American Ambassador in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, was an event we won't forget soon.  After 7 months of continuing  efforts to find out what happened and what the administration did or didn't do at the time, yesterday (May 1) Jay Carney informed us (here and here) that Benghazi happened a "long time ago".  In one sense I can understand why he would say that. 

Obviously this administration counted on the notion that by now this would have all faded into the background.  That hasn't happened, and the persistent questions that hang in the air haven't gone away.  It's been compounded by the obvious efforts at stonewalling requests for information, the mysterious sequestration of eyewitnesses, and the performance put on by Hillary Clinton, "what difference does it make?"  With all that going on, it must seem like a very long time indeed.  Technically due to the fact that there is still an active inquiry by members of congress, and that, like it or not, we will find out what this administration did and has been doing to conceal it all, the matter can't be correctly thought of in the past tense at all.  What might help Mr Carney is a little perspective on what the term "long time ago" means.  Here is a short list of events from the past that might help, Jay:   

 It's been a "long time" since:
  • The Roman Empire was founded  (753 BC)

  • We discovered fire  (Apr 3, 100,000 BC)

  • The first time some idiot set himself on fire  (Apr 4, 100,000 BC)

  • They invented trains  (1803)

  • The civil war ended  (1865)

  • The Chicago Cubs won the World Series (1908)

  • Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin  (1928)

  • Jackie Robinson made his debut in MLB (1947)

  • Hopalong Cassidy died  (1972)

  • Anybody wanted to know what Rosy O'Donell
       thought about anything  (1980)

Also, yesterday our Secretary of State John Kerry said, on a related note:  we need to "demythologize" Benghazi.  Or something.

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