Thursday, May 2, 2013


It has been an horrendously busy week+ at work - I'll spare you the reasons why - so I worked past midnight night-before-last, and was on track to pull an all-nighter last night.

I was all set, had been working on this issue for more than all day, had broken into my stash of snacks courtesy of my darling wife, had plenty of caffeine, and had told my sweet family "good night" over the phone.  

I was listening to music on YouTube while working - just surfing across links that seemed interesting - when around 11PM I stumbled across the following video from a band I'd never heard of before, named "Shel":

"Please Come Home"

I'm a guy. It usually takes a lot to make me fight off tears. But I'm not heartless.

As I hope would be obvious, I was quickly packing up and walking out, resolved to deal with the excess work today, and thankful there was noone around to see me have to repeatedly wipe my eyes.

PS: Shel also does a beautiful "Battle of Evermore".


  1. So nice to see you Hunter! I've missed my Wordy dwarf :)

    I hope things calm down soon and you can come back permanently!

  2. Geez...I watched the links...


  3. Probably as cool as anything I've seen in a long time....thanks man