Friday, June 7, 2013

Arik Matthews, This is for YOU!

So I heard of this new kind of exercise. I hate exercise in general, (besides Zumba) but this one sounded interesting because it is a new technique for walkers. I know how much Arik likes walking and I thought he would enjoy some new ideas. ENJOY!!


Yes, Keln. I know you hate it. No need to tell me.
But geez. I just COULDN'T RESIST.


  1. A) you should have resisted

    B) all this old bat is doing (quite poorly) is the 60's dance "the pony" which is actually fun when done well

    1. The 60's? Of course I wouldn't know about that...way before MY time :P

  2. SNOT!!

    On a related note, one of my son's report cards this year came with a "Needs Improvement" in gym. The note attached said he "Could not skip," and perhaps could use some home instruction, as this was considered an important skill. Yeah.

    I am now fully expecting notes over the next few years saying he is having troubles "Prancing," and "Mincing."



    1. Hahaha :)

      So he got his skipping genes from you, huh? :P

      I still think we should try prancercising through a park or something. I think the looks we would get would be priceless :)

    2. I am SO there! And when we are done, we can Mincercize. Also Zumba!

      And yes, he got his skipping genes from me. I couldn't do it either, in Kindergarten.