Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hillary for President!!

So, Kathleen Parker, the Washington Post's "conservative woman" commentator thinks Hillary Clinton might just "Save the World" as president. Because, you know, she's a woman.


Parker cites Hillary's extensive résumé as proof that she's all set to take on the job as leader of the free world. I'm afraid I have to disagree. Sure, her résumé looks pretty impressive when you look at the headers, but under all those impressive titles (First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State), there are little things we used to call, in an unkinder, less gentle world, Bullet Points. And that's where everything falls apart.

I mean, up until the Nineties, her major accomplishment was not catching any social diseases from her husband, Billy. I know she graduated from Yale Law, but, thanks to the democRats letting me know over the past decade plus that George W. the Stupidest Man in the History of the Universe, and even HE could graduate from Yale (and Harvard), I have a hard time believing an Ivy League miseducation is really worth all that much any more.

So, when she became First Lady, she promptly started working on Hillarycare. Because, as they let us know, when we elected Billy, we got a twofer. Hooray.  Hillarycare, the misbegotten forerunner of Odumbocare, was so popular with the people of the nation that they promptly elected a Republican majority in both houses of Congress for the first time in over a quarter century.

Then, as is the Clinton Doctrine ("Never tell the truth when a good lie will do, especially when it makes yourself look good."), she lied her way through the whole Monica Blue-Dress incident. In retrospect, Little Billy's hummer was probably the best thing that could have happened to him, timed as it was against his treasonous sale of missile targeting technology to the Chinese. Distractions piled on distractions are a liberal's best friend.

Her only other "accomplishment" during this time was not getting shot at in Bosnia. Of course, years later, she told everyone she HAD been shot at, but, you know, Clinton Doctrine.

So, her major "bullet points" as First Lady are a a politically disastrous bill that never had a chance and a bunch of lies. That seems to be a good start for any political career.

As the Junior Senator from New York, she sponsored exactly ZERO major bills that became law. Not one.

Oh, and like John Kerry, she was FOR the war in Iraq before she was against it. She likes to claim it was because she "misunderstood" the bill, which either reflects rather poorly on her Yale Law education or is just another example of the Clinton Doctrine in action.

So, on to her time as Secretary of State. Anyone remember the big "Reset" button she gave the Russians (that actually said "Overcharge")? Yeah, how's that working out?

And then there's the culmination of all her years of work and experience: Benghazi.

Remember the Lady Cornholio act?

"What difference, at this point, does it make?" she asked, regarding whether the attacks on the consulate were outrage over a video or just some guys walking past deciding to kill some Americans. You know what, she was right: it didn't make any difference as to which of those it was because IT WAS NEITHER AND SHE KNEW IT WAS NEITHER.

She deliberately lied to Congress to cover her incompetence in properly securing an American Ambassador and his staff on an official mission on THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE WORST TERRORIST ATTACK IN U.S. HISTORY.

She proved conclusively that the answer to the question raised in her campaign ad: Who do you want answering the 3 AM phone call is: Not you and your idiot boss. You couldn't even deal with the 3 PM phone call.

Is America ready for a woman president? I would certainly vote for a good woman, like Sarah Palin. Or Michelle Bachmann. Or the lovely Anonymiss.

But Hillary for President? What a joke.


  1. Ya know, I like most people. I really do. But I really don't like Hillary. I know Unny thinks I'm a fool and a traitor to my sex...but I think Hillary is a scheming poser.

    Awesome post, btw.

    1. I don't trust her in the slightest. Not even a little. And she's screechy. She can't seem to give a speech without shrieking monotonously (Hard to do but she manages).

      Thank you.

    2. actually, she is a poseur.

      the harmless spelling nazi

    3. sadly, it seems that both spellings are correct.

      i don't trust her either. it seems to have been forgotten how she venue shopped her senate run between Arkansas, Illinois and NY. also how she was a Goldwater girl at one time.

    4. Oh, I haven't forgotten her venue shopping. There's just so many reasons she's unqualified to be president that hat ranks fairly low on the scale at this point.

  2. SHRillary will be the LAST US POTUS if htats the case. The new American Revoltuion will take place before her first term is complete and she and her hubby along with the rest of the Democrat crime syndicate are hanging upside down on lamp posts...

    1. I have the sad feeling your words may prove prophetic.