Friday, August 23, 2013

Delbert Belton

Wednesday evening, August 21,  Delbert Belton was leaving the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, and was accosted in the parking lot by two black teens,  who, for no apparent reason, beat him to death.  He was 89 years old.

He was a WWII veteran, and he survived being wounded in Okinawa.  This nation owes him respect and gratitude for his service.  What he got instead was death at the hands of two street thugs, who, if they were asked, wouldn't be able to articulate any reason why.

He deserved better.  

Delbert Belton
The final event in his life must not be what will characterize his memory.  He understood honor and duty, and he deserves to be remembered for that.  For that alone, he was a better man than the people who killed him.

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