Thursday, January 2, 2014

Obama's Personal Bucket Brigade

After 5 years of incompetence and the pursuit of Marxist fantasies, as a new year dawns, Obama fiddles in Hawaii and we pause to survey the damage wrought to the Republic thus far: 

   •  The economy is going up in flames

   •  Smoke rises from the ashes of our nation's global standing

   •  The middle East threatens to become an inferno

   •  The health care industry approaches a complete meltdown

   •  The greatest military force in history, now led by Obama's hand picked sycophants, is being put to the torch of political correctness

   •  The concept of separation of powers is being steadily reduced to ashes. 

Meanwhile, Obama's personal bucket brigade, the people at MSNBC, helps distract their viewers from the growng inferno with tampon earrings, straight faced comments comparing Gitmo terrorist inmates with American slaves, openly mocking Mitt Romney and his black adopted grandson, and uttering obscenities about Sarah Palin.  When they aren't busy hurling gratuitous insults and mockery at anyone who is not in their leftist camp, they're busy making up their own facts,   

Mr. Obama promised us transparency, but what little we know about him is made even more obscure by MSNBC's willingness to shill for him, and to offer distractions that seem designed to give their dwindling audience something else to focus on.  

Meanwhile, MSNBC has abandoned any pretense of being a source of credible information, and while they continue to act as a shield for Obama,  we begin a new year, and the country burns.

MSNBC...Obama's Bucket Brigade


  1. The first Remo Williams book was writte in 1963 (although not published until 1971). When you sum up all that Obama and the Left have been doing, I feel like crying out for a Remo Williams to go to work now. Authors Murphy & Sapir look like prophets today!

  2. I often wonder what planet these Obamazombies have come from. I keep waiting for their eyes to go cat-like and their skin to turn reptilian just before they try to eat me......