Monday, June 30, 2014


It's utterly amazing to me that the scandals the Obama administration keeps getting wrapped up in seem to find so little traction with the general public. I mean, there are so many to choose from, there's almost something to irritate EVERYONE. How does he have an approval rating above, I don't know, two?

Maybe it's the compliant media that keeps giving him back rubs and bl...well, you know. I have to admit, I rarely watch the broadcast networks nowadys, but when I do, (and NBC network news is usually on when I'm on my lunch break, and we all know how impartial and fair they are), I see precious little about anything negative that happens within the Executive Branch.

It seems that the media tend to pretend that nothing bad ever comes from the White House. And they seem to play along with the absolute fiction that Obama knows nothing about anything important, and that that is a desirable characteristic for a man in the position that is supposed to lead the entire free world. Does anyone really believe that he learns about all these scandals from reading the newspaper?


So what we have here is either a dangerously detached president or a dangerously corrupt president. It's got to be one or the other. And my belief is that all that's happening isn't happening by accident. Nancy Pelosi's famous Swamp of Corruption has reached its apotheosis if the Obama Administration's Cesspool of Cretins, Cads and Corruptocrats.

Yet to find out about pretty much any of these outrages, we have to go online, to the New Media, because the old has become so incestuously intertwined with the establishment in Washington that there is almost no way to tell them apart. "Journalists" get government posts then go back to their so-called "impartial reporter" roles and expect us to but the concept that they can separate their obvious biases from the work they do when it's readily apparent that the two are so closely related as to be indistinguishable.

Oh, when the stench gets too bad, they'll feign surprise and start reporting facts, like they've been forced to do with the VA phantom waiting list scandal. But they'll find some way to deflect blame from their Lord and Savior, Barry O. Veterans dying? Blame Bush! Of course, we know there were problems under Bush. We know because Odumbo TOLD us there were problems, and claimed that only He cared enough and had enough ability to fix them.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the voting public bought into his false Hope and now we see the change: The long wait times that were seen under Bush are no longer visible under Obama. Of course, that's because the Most Transparent Administration in History, EVAH, Serious, You Guys, simply moved them to double secret waiting lists and gave everyone bonuses to shut up about it. And remember: The VA is supposed to be the model of medical perfection toward which the "progressives" want us to strive.

They really must think we're stupid.

Really, though, what did we expect from an administration that has given us Benghazi, the Obamacare debacle, the IRS targetings, the NSA spying, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, lost e-mails and too many disgusting acts from the Attorney General, who heads the Department of inJustice, to be recounted here. ISIS in Iraq, anyone? Any one of these would be sufficient cause for howls of righteous rage and indignation from the media during a Republican administration, and justifiably so. But during the reign of the Lightbringer, who will turn back the rise of the oceans, cool the rising temperature of the globe and just generally make everybody in the world really, REALLY like us...not so much as a peep, unless they are forced to. And then they make it look like the Republicans are being irrational.

It's enough to make a red-blooded patriot seethe. And that would likely get him on one of the administration's triple-secret watch lists of really dangerous people. You know, people who wuse radical, revolutionary words like, well, Patriot. Or Constitution. Or America. Or Tea Party. Or Freedom. Or Liberty. You know: All those really dangerous ideas that threaten the liberal "progress" toward "fairness" and utopia.

Not that fairness is a bad thing: it's not. But life isn't least that's what my momma told me, and true equality and fairness aren't something that should be decided by some bureaucrat in Washington just because they happened to snag a few more votes than the other guy. Equality and fairness are ALWAYS under attack, and when we let the government decide who the favored are among us, we will find that, indeed, while lip service is paid to the idea that all are created equal, some will be more equal than others. We may all be equal uder the law, but let's face it: Hard work and service can improve us and make us better. And not the Hillary-type "hard work." I mean the work of actual creating something other than the stench of incompetence. You know: something of value.

Anyway, that's my rant. I'm tired of being told that the things that Bush did wrong somehow justify Obama doing the same things. I feel no need to justify everything Bush did: I didn't agree with everything then, and don't now. But to somehow claim that because Bush did things wrong, that Obama doubling down and more on the same things is somehow acceptable beacuse, you know, democRat, or racism, or whatever, is beyond lunacy. And it is NOT acceptable.

May God bless you, and may God bless America.

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