Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bring Home Our Marine

How is it that Obama can bring home a single deserter from Afghanistan at the low, low price of just five, count 'em five Taliban terrorist leaders, but can't bring home a Marine who made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico?
Seriously. This guy is getting strong-armed by MEXICO!!

He's been run completely over by Putin, Assad in Syria laughs at him, al-Maliki in Iraq is now seriously considering an alliance with Iran, and all Obama does is appease, appease, appease.

When the bards and poets write the epic treatment of the Obama administration's foreign policy, I suspect it will have to include the couplet, "He said with a grin, as he..." Oh never mind. I suspect that will run afoul of the delicate sensibilities of some of our more, ahem, ladylike participants.

But, darn it, BRING HOME OUR MARINE! Perhaps we could offer to release another handful from Gitmo. It might not help Mexico directly, but it would harm us, and that would most likely be very attractive to them.


  1. Maybe the Mexican military can drop him off in Arizona the next time one of their choppers strafes the border patrol.

    1. They could pretend he's from Central America and put him on the next train north.