Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Man Who Can Stop Hillary

I’m not sure how much I'm willing to wager on this, but at the very least I want to be on record for predicting a rather obvious possibility: I bet that right near the end of his administration, Obama will issue a ton of presidential pardons, and the one I would like to note in advance is Eric Holder's. 

I'm calling this one as being right up next to a "sure thing".  Holder’s crimes in office – and I really do think the word “crimes” is warranted here – are legion, and to leave Holder at the mercy of a future Republican administration would be to put Obama himself at great personal risk pretty much any time after the next election.   

Pardoning Holder would put him beyond the grasp of Republican prosecution efforts. Although in this case it would IMHO be used in the service of evil, in and of itself the power of the Presidential Pardon is pretty awesome.

I don't know about you, but the notion of a Hillary campaign – much less a Hillary administration – gives me hives and bouts of mental pain on the level of dental pain, so I'm interested in finding the person who can stop her.

There are probably many who can, and they may end up being opposition candidates or merely voices from her past providing confirmation of (previously) unspeakable acts.

But there exists one person – right now – who could bring all of Hillary’s plans to ruin with the stroke of a pen. He’s not a future candidate against whom she’d have to run, and he’s not a character out of her dark past holding her secrets hostage.  Nope, he holds a much simpler, much loftier position in any future Hillary presidential soap opera.

That man is President Obama.

If the bitter bickering between Obama and Hillary gets bad enough, he could always just permanently destroy any presidential aspirations she might have simply by pardoning her before the end of his term in office. 

There’s NO WAY she could mount a campaign with a fresh Presidential Pardon bleeding all over her plans, and – as with Holder – Obama would be sealing off a future avenue for possible legal attack against himself.

That would be hilarious!

Grossly unjust of course, as her role in Benghazi would remain unanswered, but still - all things considered - hilarious in a ripe schadenfreudey way (as opposed to Holder's future pardon, which will be no laughing matter).

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