Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hooray for Cleveland!

So, the Republicans have decided to hold the 2016 National Convention in Cleveland.

It's not exactly my hometown, since I'm from the Akron area, but if you say you're from Akron, people tend to gove you the blank stare. (Seriously: People today are majorly geograpy-deficient.) And I work in Cleveland, so I have some claim to the town.

I know there's going to be a lot of whining and complaining over the next few years. A lot of jokes about "The Mistake on the Lake," but Ohio IS a swing state, and maybe it will help turn the state Republican in 2016. There's plenty to do if you know where to look, and I would suggest getting here early (or staying late) to make the short trip to Cedar Point, which is repeatedly voted the best amusement park on the planet. The symphony is world-renowned, we get good concerts through here at Blossom (which is in my actual hometown, Cuyahoga Falls), there are museums, an amazing (and underrated) zoo, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame (Still haven't been there...) and you can tweak the politcally correct losers by going to an Indians game.

Anyway, I'm glad the convention is coming here, and though I don't know if I'll be able to attend, or even if I'll still be around by then, it's nice to see the area getting some attention that doesn't involve the river catching fire.

And, hey, it could be worse: They could have chosen Milwaukee...


  1. Cedar Point alone is worth traveling to northern Ohio. It is the best roller coaster park in the country at the least. Adult roller coasters. Not kiddie rides. This is where they put the monster coasters you always see in those top ten lists and wonder if a human can survive on them. Last time I went, we had tornadoes too...real ones. Fun for the whole family...mommy sits with the kids eating cotton candy while daddy tries to test how many G's he can take before passing out.

    1. Unfortunately, Cedar Point doesn't like fat people, so I don't fit into most of the good rides. I know they own Kings Island, as well, but we are going there next month. As long as I fit in the Beast, I'll be happy.

  2. And Lebron's comin' back Bay-BEE!