Monday, July 7, 2014

The Left's Favorite Hobby(Lobby)horse

Forgive me if I'm unimpressed by the current wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Supreme Court decision in Hobby Lobby v Incompetent Bungling Bureaucrat Sebelius. I just can't get my mind around all the indignation and outrage that the decision has elicited.

Oh, I understand it. At least, I understand why someone would be concerned about it if there was the slightest, tiniest, most miniscule scrap of truth to what was being said about it by the left. But, it IS the left, and they are rarely bound by facts or truth. Honesty is not their strong suit.

Rarely though are they in such fine demagogic form as they are this time.  It's barely worth calling what they are saying "lies," since the whole spiel seems to be from an alternate reality entirely. Seriously, I can't figure out how any thinking person can listen to the garbage coming out of the mouths of the idiots on the left and not realize that they are absolutely untruthful in pretty much every thing they say.

Getting everything you want apparently is now a right, according to the left. You are not entitled to the Pursuit of Happiness anymore, but to actual happiness, delivered at taxpayers' expense. I mean, I'm all for happiness. I think it's a great thing. But if I want happiness, I have to pursue it. I shouldn't expect Big Government to deliver it to me all wrapped up in a nice sparkly package. But I digress...

In this case, they're trying to say that Hobby Lobby's refusal to pay for the four methods of birth control that destroy a fertilized egg is tantamount to them not only refusing to pay for ANY of the sixteen other forms of birth control available, but to denying them access to birth control ALTOGETHER!

Verily I say unto you: LIBERALS LIE!
Erupting volcanoes spewing forth sweet delicious Coca-Cola are more likely than liberal mouths pouring forth anything resembling truth.

"Men can't get pregnant," they say, "and if they could, all these decisions would be completely different." I think this is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, and they repeat it until I'm sicker than a pregnant woman in the AM. First: If men could get pregant, they'd be women. And that would make them part of the hideously oppressed American feminine underclass, so they obviously wouldn't be in the position to MAKE those decisions.

Even if they WERE women and they WERE in a position to make those decisions, that assumes that all women believe exactly the same way and that women are completely unable to think for themselvesm that they all have a monolithic value system and anyone who disagrees with them can't POSSIBLY be a woman or is SO under the thumb of the "Patriarchy" that they are brainwashed into think things that, again, no natural woman could possibly think. (Here's a terribly evil idea: Let's re-edit Emily Letts' video of her abortion and use "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" as the background music. Conservatives would get the point. Liberals would think it was wonderful, because liberals don't understand irony.)

Pretending that an employer that doesn't pay for birth control is somehow interfering with the doctor-patient relationship is a stretch that is unjustifiable. And pretending that somehow that same relationship that is so sacrosanct that an employer should not be privy to any of it, yet should fund everything that is pursuant to it without regard to cost or the employer's own ethical standards is laughable, especially from the clowns in Washington.

Let's see...who is it that passed a huge law in the past few years that forces the government into the doctor-patient relationship in almost every conceiveable circumstance?


And they say they want to keep the government "out of our bedrooms," but want to bring the government into doctors' offices for our PAP smears and prostate exams. I gotta tell you: I work in healthcare, and what you've seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg: Small community hospitals are slowly becoming extinct, or are being swallowed up by huge corporations that will strip them down and reduce services in order to turn them around and make them profitable again. That's right: The chief beneficiary of Obamacare is Big Medicine. But, once again, I digress...

Selling you vote for nine dollars worth of birth control doesn't make you a slut, as Rush Limbaugh (in)famously positied. Selling your vote for nine dollars worth of birth control makes you a whore. And a cheap one at that.

Even a liberal Georgetown law student ought to be able to comprehend that.

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