Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"...Heads Buried Deep In The Sand..."

Alton Nolen, a Muslim convert whose association with jihadi terrorists was openly displayed on his FB page and other social media, beheaded a woman in Oklahoma recently, after being fired for disruption involving badgering other employees about converting to Islam.  "Shouting Islamic phrases", he was attacking a second victim when shot by security.   MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry assures us that the attack was "workplace violence", and that Islamic terrorism had nothing to do with it.  On an MSNBC roundtable discussion she insisted that "Islam was not relevant" to the attack.  

Liberals can't help themselves.  Their view of just about anything seems to be tailored to one thing:  Regardless of the issue at hand, Mr Obama's narrative must be protected.
" ...Look at their heads buried deep in the sand
       hiding from evil made by their own hand..."
                'Belexes', by Kansas

In all cases, the obvious cause of the problem is considered "not relevant" if discussing it causes Mr. Obama any difficulties.  Instead, the problem is those gosh darn racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, Bible thumping, gun clinging, climate denying conservatives.          

Here's a few examples: 

Carrying Mr. Obama's water may make you a proud member of his bucket brigade, Ms. Harris-Perry, but it doesn't mean you actually have to wear a bucket over your head.


  1. Sure, you know about Harris-Perry's favorite ear rings, but did you know her favorite music genre is ragtime?

  2. Great Kansas album. Kerry Livgren's later work (Monolith and later) is even better.

  3. She looks better with the wood hat on.

  4. Pull the string. Maybe a light will finally come on.