Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five Telling Things Clooney and Obama Share

What do George Clooney and President Obama have in common?

1. Well, obviously they're both crazy liberals. But we knew that already. Moving on...

2. They are both surprisingly influential, considering one pretends to be someone important for a living and the other is an actor.

3. Both of them married attornies. So they must actually *like* lawyers.
That makes sense, somehow.

4. In fact, their ladies are so similar, they even share a liking for the same dress designer, Alexander McQueen. That makes sense for Mrs. Clooney, since she is a British citizen. Some are a little confused as to why the First Lady of the United States would choose to wear a British dress to a state dinner, but...

Here's George's bride:

And here is our President's choice:

5. Both of their ladies are being hailed as Fashion Icons. I'm sure you can see why:

George and Barack. Exactly the same taste.


  1. George is the new Barack.

    Good to see you back here, Miss.

  2. Thanks, Les.

    I've missed you guys.

    Anybody want some cookies? :)

    1. You Betcha !!! (to quote a famous former Governor)