Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let's All Help the #Hillary2016 Campaign!

I am SO excited over the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming president I can't even begin to tell you. I mean, who better than Hillary to become the first woman president, amirite?

Seriously, she's reportedly a woman, and everyone knows who she is, so is there really any good reason why it shouldn't be her?

So, I thought to myself, "Why not give her some help, maybe make a little history?"

And, feeling significantly lighter in the pocketbook after tax day, I figured the best way to help her would be to suggest a number of catchy slogans they could use to help bring the Spirit of Hillary to the masses.

  • Hillary2016: It's her turn, darn it!
  • Hillary2016: Achievements from um...ah...well...let's just say she's achieved stuff
  • Hillary2016: Because UTERUS!
  • Hillary2016: Because nothing says "Move Forward" like a doddering septuagenarian
  • Hillary2016: Saves money because you can pay her 70 percent of what her predecessor made
  • Hillary2016: [Opponent's name here] will enslave your daughters!
  • Hillary2016: [Opponent's name here] will imprison your sons!
  • Hillary2016: Not voting for her is sexist!
  • Hillary2016: She's married to Bill...surely that counts for something
  • Hillary2016: She'll be the best falling-down-drunk president since Grant
  • Hillary2016: Because she really, REALLY cares. About becoming president.
  • Hillary2016: You could do worse.
  • Hillary2016: Fight against the Republican War on Women!
  • Hillary2016: Press the RESET button
  • Hillary2016: Let her do for national security what she did for cyber security
  • Hillery2016: You can totally trust her
  • Hillary2016: She's dodged sniper fire with Brian Williams
  • Hillary2016: Free abortions for everyone!
  • Hillary2016: After Obama, what difference could it make?
Feel free to add your own.


  1. Hillary2016: Progress never felt so unsettling

  2. Hillary2016: Don't you think she looks tired?

    (Hat tip: Doctor Who)

  3. Hillary2016: Aw, come on! Be nice to Granny!

    Hillary2016: She's all out of lies! Pinkie swear!

    Hillary2016: Oh, what the hell.

    1. I like the last particularly.

      It's a bit like: Hillary 2016: For the fatalist in you.