Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ted Cruz On "Senator vs Governor"

Ted Cruz' frank treatment of issues stands as a welcome contrast to the poll driven sideshow offered by the left...

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  1. Since the founders and framers of the US Constitution clearly moved to block naturalized US citizens from the presidency due to their previous allegiances to foreign sovereignties (Art. I §8 cl. 4), it is reasonable to assume this was also their intention in using the “natural born Citizen” clause, to block US citizens from the presidency who were born with allegiances to foreign sovereignties?

    It is at this point I feel compelled to point out if we abandon the natural born citizenship clause now, it will be exploited by others who come after Sens. Cruz who may not share his political convictions, and expose us all to the greatest threat to the Republic the founders and framers of the US Const. knew well, feared the most, and warned us all against: the loss of our freedom and liberty, not from an external military force, but from subversion within our own political system.

    When you realize virtually all executive power in this country is held by one person and you also take into account the vast increase in destructive firepower modern weapons now have over their 18th Century counterparts, you begin to realize just how important these three little words have become in today's world, and how important it is to apply the strictest of definition to "natural born Citizen" clause as a presidential requirement, rather than standing on the threshold of abandoning them altogether.