Friday, June 3, 2016

San Jose Sturmabteilung

 It is like a rule of the internet that one should avoid comparing opposing groups to Nazis, unless one wishes to have a very ridiculous and paper-thin argument. I generally follow that rule, as most comparisons to Nazis are pedantic at best and flat-out ignorant of history at worst.

That is, unless a group literally acts like Nazis. Then the comparison is called-for, especially when the tactics perfectly mirror those of the Nazi party early in German politics before their rise to power. Because such tactics are dangerous and a threat to political discourse in our country.

Specifically, I am referring to the modern American version of the Sturmabteilung, or "Brownshirts" as they are called today, which are these angry, violent, and disruptive protesters that show up en masse to Trump rallies.

Of course, not all of the protesters fall into this category. Some simply stand there with a sign and do normal protest stuff, which is fine. That is an American thing to do and a right we have. As long as they are respectful, follow the law, and do not attempt to disrupt the rally or anyone else, then they are perfectly fine.

I am referring to the mask-wearing, disruptive, at times violent, and always intimidating segments of these protesters. San Jose and Chicago were the worst examples of these types. Like the Brownshirts of the past, their entire purpose is to intimidate those who support Trump using violence and whatever other means at their disposal, and to disrupt his rallies. Their goal isn't to argue against what they disagree with, as is the American way, but to stop the opposition; to shut it up and keep it afraid of meeting in public. This is the Brownshirt way, and it is exactly how the Nazis stifled political opposition in the 1920s-1930s. 

San Jose was a very frightening example of this, not because of the actions of the protesters, but because of the inaction of the local police. When law-abiding citizens are literally being attacked in the street by an angry mob and the police stand by doing nothing, it is a problem. It emboldens more such behavior in the future. And it will lead to more violence if left unchecked.

The reasons for these protests are many, but most of it is "astroturf" in nature, not "grassroots". In San Jose specifically, this was a La Raza connected protest. La Raza is a racist Hispanic supremacy group who is pushing the idea of the "Reconquista" of the American South West. Their mostly young, and completely foolish followers are historically ignorant and have been led to believe that the entire South West rightfully belongs to Mexico.

If you watch the videos of the San Jose protest, you will see signs, flags, and statements by protesters saying this exact thing. They target Trump specifically because in this election he has been the only candidate thus far to champion the idea of securing the border and deporting illegal aliens. 

But these protests are not wholly fueled by La Raza or even people who give a flip about the "Reconquista". Many of these people are brought in on buses, paid for by Soros-funded groups such as MoveOn and the like. In several cases some have been connected, not to Bernie, but actually to the Clinton campaign. So there is a definite political bent to these mostly astroturf protests.

Trump isn't merely a threat to the Democrats. His immigration views are a threat to Globalists and K Street alike. It is also a threat to the Mexican cartels, whose cross-border drug and weapons trafficking would be severely hampered by a literal southern border wall and an active border patrol allowed to do its job.

In other words, there is a lot of power, money, and ideological goals at stake in this election making Trump a serious threat to a lot of powerful people. Using Brownshirt tactics are not beyond them. In fact, there is nothing they will not attempt to do, if they think they can get away with it.

Which makes it incredibly important to identify these tactics and call them out loudly at every opportunity.

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