Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Data

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The above graph is the single most powerful tool in arguing against another 4-8 years of a Democratic presidency. They are the results of the Obama presidency, and there is no question that a Hillary Clinton presidency will cause these trends to continue.
These trends have already approached a point where any further shift in these directions over the next few years will spell disaster for our country. The data shows several key problems:

• Labor force participation is at it's lowest point in 4 decades. - These figures are based on the number of Americans of working age (between the ages of 18 and 65) who do not have a job. This number is reported by the Federal government. It does not take into account the number of people who have part-time jobs that are unable to earn a living wage. This has risen exponentially under Obama, and is set to rise even faster in 2017 when ObamaCare is fully implemented and employers are forced to layoff massive numbers of employees to avoid the associated costs.

You will see in the main stream media arguments that this number is irrelevant due to the numbers of people (baby boomers) crossing over into retirement age, but this data does not take those people into account because they are over 65. On the contrary, the mere fact that so many jobs are being vacated by retirees and not being filled by younger people proves that this figure is not as bad as the real situation.

• Healthcare costs have doubled, and in some cases tripled - ObamaCare (The Affordable Health Care Act) was advertised to cut costs for the middle class by nearly half. The opposite has occurred. This was warned about, not only by opposing political voices, but also by the CBO. The numbers simply did not add up. It was also warned that ObamaCare would most likely reduce the number of full time jobs, especially in small businesses attempting to meet the requirement of having less than 50 workers to avoid mandatory health care benefits. 

As can be seen by the exponential rise in working age Americans without a job, this is exactly what happened.

• The National Debt over the length of the Obama Administration has surpassed the combined debt of all previous administrations in US history. - After record-setting tax revenues, the debt has continued to climb at a prodigious rate. While ultimately the responsibility of the US Congress, the Obama administration has pushed for more and more spending, following through the progressive ideology of Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics has proved to be a failed system in many countries that had less tolerance, and will continue to prove a failed system throughout Europe, and ultimately the US. Clinton will continue the same debt spending and will seek to continue raising the debt ceiling if she were President.

• Under the first black President, black inequality (wages, jobs) has fallen sharply - When jobs are scarce, segments of the population who are less educated and less skilled will suffer the most. Young Blacks are now seeing upwards of 50+% unemployment rate. Democratic opposition in nearly every city to voucher programs limits Black access to better schools and vocational schools, locking them into a failed education system that does not prepare them for the workforce or higher education. Even with affirmative action initiatives and special race-based scholarships, it is not enough.

The Obama Administration as well as the media and leftist pundits are already spinning this as racism by white business owners, but the fact is, jobs are at a premium due to the Administration's policies and business owners, regardless of race, will only hire the most qualified. Black children have for decades been marginalized with regards to education, and are unable to meet the strenuous demands of the current job market. 

While the above graph does not show it, black crime rates have also increased, Chicago being a prime example. This is directly a result of the current situation, as with half of black youths unable to get a job, they resort to crime. Specifically, the violent crime rate overall had been steadily decreasing since the peak in the 1980s, yet during Obama's time in office, the rate at which that has been decreasing has shrunk, and a reversal is on the horizon.

There are many other data points to take from this table of graphs. And all of it is interconnected. Obama has gone around saying that "Americans are better off than ever before", and the data absolutely refutes that point. Hillary will continue the Obama legacy, as she herself has basically said. 

Our country is quickly approaching a cliff which, once we've ran over, we will plummet and be unable to recover.

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