Saturday, November 5, 2016

Do Our Kids Ever Fake Us Out?

Even in today's "progressive" Kardashian culture with radical liberalism and the constant coddling of deviants, miscreants, mental defectives, crooks, criminals and cons (that's just in our political system alone) it's still the intent of most parents to not unleash their kids into society without a disciplined upbringing.

But, as loving and Godly parents as we can be, and try as hard as we can to raise our kids right, do our kids ever fake us out?

Well, these pictures of our girl Selena and her unemployed brother Lowry seem to give us a pretty good answer...

"Mom, I'm telling you, I'm really sick.
I can't go to squirrel hunting school today.
You go to work. I'll be okay. I'll just go back to sleep."

"Yeah!!!  Now I get to watch TV all day with dad and Lowry."

"Bwahaha!!!  I told you she'd buy it, Selena.
Now bust out the white cheddar popcorn, dad."

"Lowry, isn't The Fantastic Mr. Fox's son SOOO CUTE !!!
I could watch this movie over and over again."

"Yeah, whatever, Selena.  DAD, when are you gonna
break out the party sized crunchy Cheetos?"

"Dad, you know I like this show,  'The Unit,'  but
how many times are we going to watch the whole series?
I mean, it's four seasons of Sergeant Major Jonas Blaine doing
amazing things but, dad, do Special Forces guys really do this stuff?
Is what he's doing here even possible?"

"Oh no, Lowry, mom just pulled in the driveway!
You go distract her at the gate while I get back in bed."

"Oh, hi, mom. I'm just waking up. Thanks for letting me stay home.
I pretty much slept all day. Hope I feel better tomorrow."

"I love you, mom.  You're the best."

"It's a good thing mom and dad aren't trying to
sleep on our bed tonight. I think I ate too much cheddar popcorn.
I might really be sick tomorrow, Lowry."

"Hey, don't worry about it, Selena. Dad said we're
watching that movie 'Act Of Valor' tomorrow.
If you like the show 'The Unit,' you'll love 'Act Of Valor.' "

"Oh, and Selena, wake me up if you can't keep the popcorn down.
I'm ready for a midnight snack any time."

Author's Note:

The characters shown and events described are nearly fictional.
Only the names were changed to protect the guilty.

Any attempts to reproduce the images shown
or the behaviors expressed are stringently promoted.

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