Sunday, February 12, 2017


So, anyone that knows me well enough will know I am a bit of a... well, for lack of a better term a nerd. I can easily get lost in articles on obscure esoterica and not look up from chasing various threads until hours have passed. Recently I came across an article on the Science News Journal site about a mineral containing a perovskite crystal structure with the ability to convert multiple ambient forms of energy in to electricity.
This is... very exciting if you are interested in sustainable energy because it opens up flexibility in how we power things. Other minerals with perovskite crystal structures have been worked with, notably in photovoltaic cells, but the research in to tuning KBNNO's peizo and pyroelectric properties as well as it's ability to generate charge from pressure differentials means it might provide new solutions for powering electronic devices in the near future. We simply don't know enough to predict yet what it will bring.

In the same way as this addresses microscale concerns about sustainability there have been projects researching sustainable colonies for decades, many based in aquatic environments and using temperature differentials to drive generators, thereby powering the entire colony. This article from Forbes talks in some detail about the mission and concerns involved in creating sustainable ocean colonies.

Why do I bring these up? Well, mostly because science is cool and I can't wait for the day I can get an integrated hud installed in my eyes, but mostly because science is the greatest tool towards self determinism for humanity. As science progresses paradigms shift and they shift always towards letting people do more with less. The singularity might be purely theoretical, but there is a reason some economists study theories regarding a post-scarcity economy. So we aren't caught off guard when it comes. The more technology we have, the less we should allow our government "leaders" to determine for us what is the best use of our time and energy.

Because I believe in scientific progress, I reject authoritarianism, and so should you.

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