Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Are the Republicans Being So Political?

You gotta know when to Holder, and when to Folder. And when the camera is on you...

You know, nothing chaps my hide more than chaps and one party or another in Congress grandstanding and making a big deal out of a little thing in an election year. Why are the Republicans making a mountain out of this Fast and Furious thing? I mean, sure, like a few hundred people got killed, but only one of them was an American. The rest were Mexicans, and if Obama and Attorney General Holder don't care about them, then why should the Republicans, amiright?

This is like when the Democrats and President Polk got all whiny about some Mexicans killing one American on so-called American "soil", and starting a whole war over it...probably in an election year, or at least within a couple years of one. It's just all a bunch of ridiculous political posturing. Everyone knows that the Republicans could care less about a bunch of dead Mexicans and a thousand guns in the hands of deadly cartel gangs who want to kill everyone that breathes in their general vicinity.

But the Republicans felt it necessary to make a "-gate" out of it and demanded some documents that prove that Holder knew about the whole thing allegedly might have seen the movie Fast and Furious once. And so President Obama, because he also knew all about it Holder is a good friend of his, issued an Executive Order sealing those documents.

So those uppity Republicans decided to vote that Holder is in Contempt of Congress. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds more official and less reality-based than the actual Contempt for Congress that most Americans feel.

What these Republicans should be doing, instead of trying to get to the bottom of this deadly fiasco playing partisan election year politics, is talk about jobs and what their plan is going forward to make more of them. According to a Democratic strategist today on America Live with Megan Kelly, Obama has a big plan for increasing jobs, by putting teachers and police and firefighters back to work. And he pointed out that Romney's only miserable failure of an attempt at creating jobs in Massachusetts as Governor was just making more government jobs like useless teachers, police, and firefighters.

That just isn't enough you Republicans. Maybe you should take a page out of Obama's incredibly failure ridden successful playbook when it comes to job creation. And while you are doing that, stop this political nonsense and focus on the issues that matter to people.

Like the sad state of professional boxing for instance.

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  1. Look, we all know that Fast and Furious was designed to make it look as if most of the guns used by the incredibly violent drug cartels in Mexico came from the US. So we had to have a bunch of dead Mexicans killed by guns purchased in America so that we Holder and Obama could get new gun control legislation passed. So from that perspective the dead Mexicans died in a good cause. amiright?