Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm not a big fan of my power company. Like every time there is a slight breeze, or a butterfly flutters a little too much, BAM! The power is out to the whole city I live in.

I even caught some kids in the neighborhood once playing a game where they throw feathers at a power line and see which one can knock out the power grid supplying the entire state. Apparently, the first feather-chucker always wins. I then explained to these children that the xbox does not work without power. They chose to stop playing the game.

As I was writing the above, I actually lost power again. Oh, the irony.

Well, Obama has decided to play this ObamaCare™ victory of his for all it's worth, by reselling it to the public. Specifically, by reselling it as not being a tax.

Are they really that dumb? Even an imbecile could look at Obama in a debate and say "but the Supreme Court said it's a tax" whilst picking his nose.

To the Obama "folks": Let me be clear, the Supreme Court upheld your health care act mandate as constitutional on the grounds that it is a tax. But you are claiming it isn't a tax. So you are thusly claiming it is unconstitutional.

I am even further convinced that the left does not have the capacity for reason or logic. Either that, or they believe that the American people don't, which means they are just arrogant beyond belief. Some times I just want to collectively smack the left. Snap out of it! Reality actually matters!

A Fox News article asks the question: "Want to drive a tank?"

 What the deuce kind of question is that? Do I want to drive a tank??

Do I want to eat some bacon?

Do I prefer breathing to not breathing?

Do I pine for sustenance when I am hungry?

Is the Pope Catholic?

What an idiotic question Fox News. No wonder the left loves you guys so much.

On a side note, I received some flak from some personal acquaintances yesterday about my comparing a violinist playing a classical piece to Jimmy Paige playing a guitar. I feel compelled to make the argument that classical music and rock share a strong bond, and rock would not exist without the great composers. Had those composers electric guitars, they would have used them. And the great composers had big hair first.

To support my argument, I submit another version of Vivaldi's Winter. Power chords included.

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