Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Not a Tax!

Read my lips, it's not not not not a tax.

Well, the conservative spin machine is out in full force, twisting the words of the Supreme Court ruling on Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Republicans are running around taking jabs at the PPACA, claiming the mandate part of it is a tax because that was the Supreme Court's opinion as it's basis for being constitutional.

What these nutjobs on the right seem to forget is that it is just an "opinion". The Supreme Court said the mandate is constitutional, then ruled opined that it is so based on it being a tax. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but once the SCOTUS said the mandate was constitutional, there was little reason to listen to anything else they blabbered about. Generally it is best for those black-robed jackwagons to keep their mouths shut and only speak when the President needs them to say something he is doing is constitutional.

Besides, both Obama and his muppet press secretary Jay Carney have told the American people, point blank, that the mandate isn't a tax. It is not for us to question what the President says. Doing so can get you arrested or worse. I think it's high time the President starts exercising that bit of Executive Privilege, and begins putting all of these people running around saying the mandate is a tax into jail. Starting with most of the Supreme Court.

His next target should be Mitt Romney who is reported to be preparing for future debates with the President. I don't know why the President would agree to such a thing when nothing he does or says is really debatable.  Obama should just start the first debate by telling everyone what is what, and the first time Romney counters or questions anything the President says, Obama should shout "Executive Privilege!" as kind of a code word. Then the Secret Service should come onto the stage and take Romney away in handcuffs.

Really, if the President had done that months ago, then he wouldn't have to waste so much time right now campaigning for reelection and would have more time to work on his putting do what's best for this country.

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