Monday, December 31, 2012

Walkingdeads "Of The Year" post

So I hope that in 20-13 I can get back to blogging semi regularly.  I've just been so busy, and unmotivated.  I know I'm going vlog a lot more.  so that's something right?

Any way, I decided to cobble together my best of the year post for several things.  also I'm gonna add all my new years resolutions.

now here we go.

Movie of the year:  The Avengers-  Maybe its because I'm a nerd, or just a huge Joss Wheadon fan, but Avengers just really did it for me.

Worst Movie: The Dark Knight Rises-  I considered putting Magic Mike here, until I remembered the amazing abs on C-tates.  So I have to go to TDKR because its really difficult to make a movie that long and that inconsistent.

Best album:  Toys that kill "Frambly 42

I don't know there is just something about this album.  its so fast (except for this song) and short and sloppy... its just so rock and roll I can't stand it.  so its my record of the year.

Runner up album:  Hot water music "Exister

HWM is one of my favorite bands ever, but Frambly 42 just beat it out by a small margin.

Politician of the year: Grand Vizier Obama- I have no idea how the guy who added 5 trillion in debt, started a bunch of weekend wars, took credit for ending one he didn't end, never had unemployment under 8% (for more than a few weeks), and pretty much told everyone accidentally that he was gonna sell out to the Russians Won re-election.  Oh yeah, because Romney was terrible.

Runner up:  Joe Biden-  Now I'm not going all liberal or anything on you, I'm just giving credit where credit is due.  lets face it, Joe Biden is a dump truck filled with stupid, but listen to him talk, and don't think about the words he says... just how he says them.  the guy has a lot of passion for a lot of subjects he just doesn't understand.  He's really like a 5 year old who learns about homeless people... then gets really sad, and jumps up and says stuff like;  "we need to stop the homeless problem, lets give them all houses"!  You take a step back, and say... Yeah that kid is right, but then reality sets in and you realize that's impossible and a lot of homeless people are just crazy or alcoholics.  So if you don't bring reality into the situation, Joe is awesome.

Best TV Show:  Sons of Anarchy   Maybe its because I just started watching it, so if you've been a fan for a while I'm sorry, but this show rules.  Its like the Soprano's but subtract Italians, and insert motorcycles.

Worst TV Show:  How is Family Guy still on the air?  I just don't know.  I used to love the show, then I realized that every episode is the same joke.  Say what you wan't about the Simpsons but they have at least changed things up over the years.

Now its time for my new years resolutions

#1 Learn old hobo tricks
#2 Watch more WNBA
#3 Have more "doin it" opportunities
#4 Wear more vests
#5 Ghost write an autobiography on myself (I may have stolen that joke from Steven Wright, but I'm not sure)
#6 Invent a new catch phrase for myself
#7 Touch Boobs (this is my resolution every year)

So this is it, my last post of 20-12.  Thanks to everyone who took a gander at anything I posted, no matter if you liked it or not.  I had a blast here and hope to have a blast next year as well.  You readers are the only reason I keep doing this.  


  1. The only new this year albums I bought were Rush's "Clockwork Angels," which is a pretty good album, if not up to "Snakes and Arrows" level, and "Live From the Royal Wedding" and "Back in Black Tie," both by Richard Cheese, which were also good, but not up to his earlier work. Best new album I bought this year was "Balls Out" by Steel Panther, which was released late last year. Saw them in April with my wife, for our anniversary, and they played our song.

    If you want to try something a little darker and leaner, try "Today is a Good Day," by New Model Army. I've seen them three times, and they are horribly awesome. "Thunder and Consolation" is one of the greatest albums of all time, and "Impurity" is not far behind.

  2. Also, is resolution #7 intended for as many pairs as possible, or one pair as many times as possible? Or even, dare I say it, just once to fulfill the resolution? Because the new year is about 12 minutes away, and I'll fullfill it in about 13 minutes. It's all gravy after that.

    1. as many as possible, but hopefully settling on one set.

      I have #7 ever year, I got to fulfil it in 20-12, but all bets are off in 20-13

    2. Good luck. I'm into gravy time now.

      Marriage has its good points.

  3. For a catch phrase, how about:

    "walkingdead: Because sittingalive just isn't as cool."

    Or is that a slogan?

    1. that's a slogan. before when anyone would say "that's what she said". I would say "not to me she didn't". I'll use it in a sentence.

      Wow that's huge.

      that's what she said

      not to me she didn't.

  4. BTW, Steel Panther - NSFW. WAAAY NSFW. Off 2 albums, I think there are MAYBE 2 songs that could play on the radio wuth just a few bleeps. The rest, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Try out "Death to All But Metal" on youtube. It totally rocks, but again, Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

    1. yeah I've heard steel panther a few times... they played at a bar down the street from me a while ago.I didn't get to see them but I wanted to.

  5. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. Are all men like you? Because if they are, who needs assault rifles with what I'm packing? Geeeeeeeeez.
    One of my goals is to try something new every month. Oh, and I'd like to understand a whole week of wd's stuff without having to look anything up.

    1. AH! I forgot to post the link! It seems like you guys are trying to stop cancer in its tracks single-handedly. (See what I did there?)

    2. But do you have a license for concealed carry?

    3. Nope. But I think I should get one because I live in Wisconsin and the alternative sounds pretty, well, chilly. :)

    4. T least we'd have a method of determining whether it was cold or not...

  6. But I agree about the Avengers. I also really liked the Hobbit.