Friday, July 20, 2012

Nuke the Punchline: Problem Shooting Obama Campaign Commercial

Harvey over at IMAO has another straight line of the day up, and so it is time to pick the winners of the last one:

There was a problem shooting Obama's new campaign commercial...

#5 Burmashave: …when video enhancement revealed that Bo the dog was blinking out Morse code for S-O-S.

#4 Chip: ...Biden kept forcing a retake because he kept reading the parenthetical directions in the script.

#3 Andrew Felsher: …when the OWS extras refused to leave the set and began urinating on the director’s chair.

#2 Bob in Feenicks: …In the middle of filming, Obama went on a crazy rant about “winning” and abruptly left the set, so they had to replace Obama’s character with Ashton Kutcher.

And the best punchline goes to Son of Bob:

There was a problem shooting Obama's new campaign commercial. The plan was to list all of his accomplishments in a 30-second spot, and they kept coming up 28 seconds short.

Congratulations Son of Bob!

And don't forget, tonight we will be announcing the first ever Punchline Nuker Award winner.

Now here's a straight line for you guys to play with:

Joe Biden decides to write a memoir of his own...


  1. ...It's about his youth in Indonesia called "Dreams of My Father"

  2. But can't because Barry took away his crayons.

  3. Lactose the IntolerantJuly 23, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    but Bill Ayers was too busy.