Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I also hate Tuesdays. They're like Mondays, except with a tues instead of a mon.

So Romney's big plan right now is twofold. First, he will run around calling Obama a liar for the Obama ads about Romney and Bain Capital. Second, he will harp on ObamaCare™ being a tax.

I think Romney is really missing the bigger picture here. Obama is a complete and absolute failure of a president. That is really all Romney needs to tell people. He should enter a room in front of whatever people he is talking to that day and sniff at the air a bit and say, "Wow, it really smells like Obama and failure in here. Oh wait, those are the same thing.". Then walk away.

And henceforth, ObamaCare™ shall be known as ObamaTax™. In case you missed my tweet last night proclaiming this, that is the new rule.

The Department of Justice is getting all justicy and slapping charges on various and sundry people not named Eric Holder to blame for American deaths in Fast and Furious. It's about time some scape goats were presented for a burnt offering.

Hmm...hottest summer in a long long time hits the Midwest and Northeast. Sun hitting it's most active phase in about as long of a time (as far as we know). Must be Global Warming due to cow flatulence and industry. Has nothing to do with the Sun at all.

Apparently, the U.N. is considering Syria for a spot on the Human Rights Council. Considering the other members on this council, I suppose the reasoning in the U.N. is that it takes a human rights violator to know a human rights violator. Or something. Honestly, I am unsure if the U.N. even understands basic reasoning.

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