Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Men, Free Labor, Free Internet

So I'm ridiculously excited that the republican party is going to add Internet freedom to their official platform. Over the past year or so bills like SOPA, and PIPA, and DIPA, and QUADRUPA (two of those I may have made up) have been circulating around the halls of Washington. Its no secret that the republicans have been the party of old men for far to long. I don’t mean that as a racist statement that many of my friends on the left would say. Its more to the point of, well, how well does your grandfather understand technology?

My grandfather (not a republican) has DSL Internet and wants to downgrade to dial up because he just doesn't need all that speed that he gets. Meanwhile I consume the Internet like a fat person consumes things that they consume. A free and nearly unregulated Internet can thrive and prosper and lead us to new heights of entertainment and information.

Getting down to the policy aspect, since Obama has taken office no new spectrum has been auctioned off. Internet and cellular providers have not been able to add services or create new ones in a number of years now. Its shocking to think that this administration is not leading the charge for growth in the industry.

Yeah I know... shocking right?

The fact of the matter is I like the Internet, and I like you. We need each other so I can ramble about things politically linked to increase my self esteem and be liked by strangers. Also because I'm really alone and there are video's around these parts that really help me cope with things. Its not what you think though, its purely for science.

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