Monday, August 27, 2012

In the News: 5% Edition

A new poll out now reveals that 94% of African Americans would rather shoot themselves in the face than vote for Mitt Romney.  Republicans have long since tried to gain the black vote ever since it began swinging the democrats favor since the mid 1960’s, however it’s become increasingly difficult for the party of Lincoln to drum up the support. reached out to the Romney camp in light of this new poll.

Dave Spewack, a spokesman for the campaign had this to say.  “I don’t get it; this party freed the slaves, gave blacks the right to vote, gave women the right to vote, and passed the civil rights act.  Yet we are only going to get about 5% of the black vote?

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Update:  Did anyone else catch breaking bad last night?  O-M-G!

Update2:  How do you think they’re going to get out of that one?

Update3:  This 8 episode season is killing me

(Source politico)

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  1. One can only wonder how the press would treat a 94% to 0% White edge for Romney over Obama. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing there would be more than few questions asked and comments made.